Thursday, March 19, 2020

Botafogo Unveiled 2019/20 Third Kits

Rio de Janeiro side Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas has re-signed with brand Kappa after a ten-year hiatus.
The Italian brand, which outfitted O Glorioso between 2004 and 2009, officially became Botafogo’s technical partner on Friday with the release of the team’s 2019/20 home and third kits.

“We are very excited about the new collection and the partnership with Kappa. The new uniforms are very beautiful and we count on the engagement of support of our fans in this release. Botafogo and Kappa have come together to make history as in the past,” said the club’s Commercial and Marketing Vice President Ricardo Rotenberg.

Botafogo’s 19/20 home and third kits were design with input from the club’s fans via social media outlets. Both use the same classic football shirt v-neck design. The primary shirt is in Botafogo’s unmistakable black and white stripes white the third jersey is white with black accents

Botago is expected to debut their 2019/20 Kappa third kit during Sunday’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A match at Grêmio.
Photo Credits: Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Los Angeles Galaxy wears special badge to show tribute to Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's unfortunate death is a loss to the whole world. In Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant has a supreme position in people's hearts. Last weekend, the cheap Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Jerseys , which ushered in its first home game of the season, wore a special edition badge on the jersey in honor of the Los Angeles Lakers legendary star.
Last weekend, the Los Angeles Galaxy, home of the town, lost 0-1 to Vancouver's White Wave. In addition to the unsatisfactory results, Los Angeles Galaxy's tribute to Kobe Bryant in this game is commendable. In addition to adding a commemorative badge with the word "KB" on the chest of the jersey, the team captain also added this badge to commemorate the unfortunate death of the legendary basketball star.

This badge is presented in the colors and font of the Los Angeles Lakers, and is placed above the adidas logo on the right chest of the jersey. After the game, players will be wearing charity auctions, and the proceeds will be donated to the MambaOnThree Foundation, which is designed to commemorate and help with Kobe and his team in the January 26 air crash The relatives of the other 7 victims whose daughter died at the same time.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Vissel Kobe 2020 Asics Home Cheap soccer jerseys

Japanese J1 League side Vissel Kobe ended last season with footballing greats Andrés Iniesta, David Villa and Lukas Podolski on their books

Vissel Kobe 2020 Asics Home Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Camiseta

Vissel Kobe will wear a new look kit for their 2020 J1 and domestic cup campaign. For the first time in the club’s history their home Vissel Kobe discount football shirt will feature a diamond pattern on its front.
Vissel Kobe 2020 Asics Home Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Camiseta

Provided by longtime Vissel Kobe outfitter Asics, the shirt mixes the club’s usual claret with white. It uses a simple v-neck design with solid sleeves and a solid back. It is matched with claret shorts and socks.

Vissel Kobe 2020 Asics Home Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Camiseta
Vissel Kobe finished the 2019 J1 season in 8th place. Iniesta captained the team while fellow former FC Barcelona man Villa contributed 13 goals.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Nigeria 2020/21 Home Cheap soccer jerseys

In 2018, Naija changed the game with a Nigeria FIFA World Cup Jersey collection for the ages that set a new standard for how Nike approaches federation design. This year, Nigeria picks up right where they left off with a 2020/21 home kit that fuses the traditional aesthetic of an agbada robe with modern football design.

Nigeria 2020 2021 Nike Home and Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt

The cheap nigeria soccer jersey’s pattern was hand drawn and is highly symbolic of Nigerian heritage with nods to nobility and family. The Nigeria Football Federation crest is placed centrally on the chest with a Swoosh underneath it. The player names and numbers integrate the eagle feather into the application. “Naija” appears inside the neck of jersey and on the back of the socks in a new typeface.

Nigeria 2020 2021 Nike Home and Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt

The Nigeria 2020/21 Nike away kit is inspired by Onaism, a traditional artistic movement central to Nigerian design and craft represented in the trim details. An eagle feather aesthetic, creatively distorted, continuously repeats in ascending size to create a visual Gogoalshop The collar has a slight V overlap with a thicker overlap in the back. Both the collar and the sleeves feature a slight nick at the mid-point.
The broader Naija collection will feature an extensive array of Super Eagles apparel including a poncho, vest, dress and more. The Nigeria 2020/21 Nike range will be on sale at

Stay Strong China ! Paris Saint-Germain changes jersey ads to support China's fight against epidemic

In a Ligue 1 league ending this morning in Beijing time, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Bordeaux 4-3 at home.In this game, the shirts worn by Paris Saint-Germain players were printed with the words "Stay Strong China" in both Chinese and English to show their support for the Chinese people who are fighting the epidemic.Gogoalshop

This is the third time that the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club has replaced the Cheap psg soccer jersey chest advertisement with a blessing text following the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and the fire in Notre Dame in 2019. In addition to the jersey chest advertisement, the Paris Saint-Germain at home is also surrounded by the elements of "Chinese cheering". The caddies at the scene are wearing T-shirts with the words "Chinese cheering". There is a huge slogan with the words "China Come", and the LED billboards on the sidelines also play the advertisement of "China Come" on the side of the game before and during the opening game. Through various measures, the club supports the Chinese people. According to the information revealed by the official website of Paris Saint-Germain, in addition to the men ’s football, the Paris Saint-Germain women ’s football team and the handball team will also cheer on China in the same way in subsequent games.

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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Sweden 2020 European Cup away jersey Leaked

Adidas launched a new home jersey for the Sweden national team that advanced to the European Cup 2020 last year, and next month, the Sweden national team's 2020 European Cup away jersey will also be released.

As can be seen from the spy photos, the Swedish national team's 2020 European Cup away jersey is made of dark blue and yellow, and appears in front of people in a simple image. The new jersey is based on dark blue with yellow fine lines above the ball. The ribbed V-neck and cuffs are decorated with dark blue and yellow stripes, which secondarily represent the Swedish flag. Sweden Discount Football shirts Yellow Adidas Triumph Trie appears on the shoulders, making this jersey look more traditional

The new jersey will be paired with blue ball pants and socks, and together with the new jersey will form the complete image of the Swedish national team's 2020 European Cup away.

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Daegu FC releases 2020/21 home and away jerseys

South Korea's Daegu Football Club (hereafter referred to as Daegu FC) released the team's new home and away jersey for the 2020 season. The new season jersey created by Korean local sports brand FORWARD expresses the team's desire to set new heights in the new season.

Daegu FC Cheap soccer Jerseys for home and away jerseys are built around the concept of “Always, Career High” and draw inspiration from the sky and lightning of Daegu to show the team ’s dynamic and passionate playing style on the field. The home and away jerseys are presented in the traditional sky blue and white images. The ribbed V-neckline joins the club's new season slogan "SIZE DOESN'T MATTER". The left and right cuffs respectively add the club's home address number "191" and last season's 9 The Roman numeral "IX" of the sold-out home game, with the loud slogans of "We Are Daegu" (our name is Daegu) and "Our City, Our Team" (our city, our team), Demonstrate the close connection between Daegu FC and Daegu.

Along with the new season home and away jerseys, the new season home and away goalkeeper jerseys are also released. The home and away goalkeeper jerseys are mainly black and fluorescent yellow. They are designed with elegant small collars and retain the same cuffs as the home and away kits detail.

The 2020 season Daegu FC home and away jersey is made of FORCOOL technology fabric with better breathability and perspiration, and also incorporates the new FORWARD LINK technology. The tracking chip is provided in the dark bag set at the back collar to provide players with data during the game. There is no need to wear additional sports data vest. The new FORWARD LINK technology has been verified by FIFA and can be used in official competitions.

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