Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bayern Munich home jersey 19/20

Germany's Bayern Munich FC and Adidas today announced the team's new home jersey for the 2019/20 season. This Bayern Munich Cheap soccer jerseys will be unveiled this weekend's 2018/19 Bundesliga finals. Built for inspiration.

As long as it is a draw with Frankfurt in the weekend, Bayern Munich will once again lift the Allianz Arena to symbolize the Bundesliga champions' "salad plate". The new jersey continues the classic Bayern Munich red image, and the Allianz Stadium light exterior wall is printed on the jersey. As one of the most modern stadiums in Europe, the red light emitted by the light alley of the Allianz Stadium every night makes this stadium an iconic sight of Munich, a city in southern Germany.

The 2019/20 season Bayern Munich soccer jersey will re-enable the classic combination of red pants and socks, giving this new jersey with first-class visual effects a more traditional look. Keeping tradition and incorporating modern elements, this is the new Bayern Munich home jersey.

A new goalkeeper jersey will be released at the same time as the home jersey next season. The goalkeeper's jersey is based on a striking green color. A digital camouflage pattern full of fashion and modernity is added to the jersey. The adidas tri-stripes on both sides make this new jersey a new look.

Corinthian away jersey 2019/20

After the launch of the new home jersey, Nike and the Corinthians of Brazil jointly launched the new away Corinthian Soccer jersey for the 2019/20 season. The new jersey is aimed at the Corinthian loyal fans organization "Gaviões da Fiel" 50th Anniversary.

Corinthian's 2019/20 season away jersey is inspired by the black cheering clothes of the team's diehard fan organization "Gaviões da Fiel" (loyal eagle), combined with minimalist design style. The new jersey is based on black, with black and white stripes representing the "loyal eagle" on the cuffs and collar of the jersey. The collar of the Corinthians with two white rings was added to the collar, showing the inextricable connection between the team and the "Loyal Eagle".

The new jersey with white ball pants and black socks, together with the Corinthian Cheap Soccer jerseys constitute a sharp away image. Two white ring patterns representing the "loyal eagle" were also added to the away socks, to pay tribute to the fan organization that has been fighting with the team.

RCD Espanyol 2019/20 Soccer jersey

RCD Espanyol Football Club and KELME yesterday announced the team's new away jersey for the 2019/20 season. The Spaniard, who played at home last night, made his debut in a new shirt and beat Atletico Madrid 3-0.

Established in 1900, the RCD Espanyol Soccer Jersey Football Club will usher in the milestone of the 120th anniversary of the club ’s establishment next year. The new jersey is built around the 120-year history of the club. It continues the iconic image of five vertical stripes, three blue and two white. On the basis, add more club history elements.

The new jersey is inspired by the jersey worn by the team when they won the Spanish King's Cup for the first time in 1929. The blue stripes on the chest add dark graffiti to show the team's glory, leading people to re-experience the team in 1929, 1940, 1999 / The 00 season and the 2005/06 season won the glory moments of the Spanish Kings Cup four times.

The RCD Espanyol Cheap Soccer Jerseys chest emblem is made with a new hot-pressing process, and details and texture coexist. The designer placed the most famous stained glass pattern of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona on the collar bag strap, showing a strong aesthetic significance. Stripes from the Catalan flag are added under the back collar to show the team's pride as a Catalan regional team. The parrot icon of the club's mascot is placed on the hem of the jersey, and we look forward to the team's success in the new season.

Real Madrid away shirts for 2019/20

The Real Madrid Cheap Soccer jersey has a low-key, solid navy blue appearance. The details of the jersey chest logo, adidas Logo and chest advertisement are decorated with noble gold. The Adidas Triumph Tri-Stripes on the collar, cuffs and shoulders use more understated gold.

Although the navy blue appearance of this away real madrid soccer jersey is slightly low-key, the designer added a unique Galaxy print dark pattern on it, which not only makes this jersey no longer look low-key, but also caters to the title of Real Madrid "Galactic Warship" .

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Santos home Cheap Soccer Jerseys shirt for 2019/20 season

Brazil's Santos Football Club has released the team's new home jersey for the 2019/20 season. The cheap Santos soccer jerseys created by umbro is inspired by the jersey worn in the season when the "Triple Crown" was achieved 55 years ago to celebrate this milestone in club history.

Fifty-five years ago, Santos Football Club successively won the São Paulo State Football League, the Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo Championship and the Brazilian National Football League. The Santos Soccer jersey was inspired by the championship jersey worn by the team that year, making this traditional jersey full of modernity.

Elaborate badges are added to the new jersey hem and underneath the back collar to commemorate the team's achievements in achieving the "three crowns" 55 years ago. In addition, the white stripe on the shoulder of the jersey also added the "S.F.C." dark line with the team's abbreviation, further showing the club's proud pride.

Bournemouth home Cheap Soccer jersey for 2019/20

Bournemouth Football Club of England and umbro jointly released the team's new home jersey for the 2019/20 season. Umbro's new home jersey for "Cherry" continues the team's classic red and black striped look and incorporates more new details.
The cheap Bournemouth soccer jerseys home jersey continues to use the classic red and black striped shirt, which has become the icon of this English team nicknamed "Cherry". The new jersey follows the tradition while incorporating more modern elements. The addition of dark red twill to the red stripes makes this traditional design more speed and modern, while making the new Bournemouth soccer jersey look more distinctive. Another significant change is the color of the sleeves. The red sleeves replaced the previous black sleeves, making the new jersey more distinctive.

Celtics 2019/20 home Cheap soccer jerseys

TodoSobreCamisetas, a well-known foreign jersey website, has revealed the New Balance's 2019-20 season new home jersey spy photos created by New Balance for the Super League Celtics. From the exposed spy photos, we can see that the Celtics home jersey has a classic More elegant design.

White and green horizontal stripes will still be the protagonists of the 2019/20 season Celtics home jersey jerseys, showing people the profound heritage of this Scottish football club. Of course, the new jersey retains the classic design while incorporating more modern details. The jersey shoulders and sleeves are designed with a continuous white space, and the elegant and casual green lapels make this new Celtics Soccer jersey unique.

In the early days of the club's establishment, the Celtic cross badge used as the team logo appeared under the collar on the back of the jersey to remind people of the 130-year-old history of this Scottish giant football club.