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Some tips about how to buy Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys

Not doubt that we all have seen a soccer game on TV, you'd know that Soccer is the largest sports in this world ,and nearly all soccer jersey fans own a jersey of their favorite teams. Of course everyone wants to buy cheap Football Shirts with good quality. So i'd like to talk something about how to buy Cheap Soccer Jersey football Shirt online.
1. Check the site registration info.
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2. you can Google this site 
3. Confirm if the displaying pics are beautiful enough and the "About Us" etc.
When Searching "Cheap Soccer Jersey""Cheap Football Shirt" on Google, you will find out a lot of sites with ugly appearance and product pics . keep it in mind that do not buy from them .if the jersey pics are so ugly, how can the jersey to be good quality.those must be some fake or Deceptive sites because the displaying pics will tell you what products you are gonna get if you pay with your credit card. (gogoalshop jersey)
4.Pay attention to product quantity and price
if there is a site with a variety of Jerseys in a rather low price, Such as 10 USD to 20USD,they should be of very bad quality.As we can see,the authentic Jersey sells in a high quality .and 10 USD is totally a kidding.If you wanna buy some Cheap Authentic Jerseys in a low price, as far as i know . there are two ways to make it.  1. Purchase from some special channels . 2. Thailand Jerseys(Jerseys are the same as authentic Jersey without authorization only)The Thailand quality Jersey for the following Soccer Jersey teams are available now here and there . they are :
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5. Pay attention to the site service 
After-sale service and return policy, shipping cost ,delivery time are all we should concern.

Here are some good sites for info.

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There are a lot of talks about the new season shirts and designs , now we shall see the idea .Primera División:
FC Barcelona 2013/14
Barcas' Kits sponsor is for the first time Quatar Airways after two years of Quatar Foundation on their jersey. The Barca 2013/2014 Away Kit features the catalan colors yellow/red while Barcelona gets also a black 13/14 Third Kit.

Real Madrid 2013/14
The Real Madrid Away Shirt is expected to be released in a blue/white colorway, while the Real Madrid 13/13 3rd kit comes in orange. The Real 13/14 Home Kit (Camiseta) features orange applications.

Premier League:
Arsenal Away shirt is in the same yellow color like famous previous kits and will replace the purple 12/13 Away Shirt. The Home Shirt will be the same like in 12/13 and roumers say adidas will be shirt supplier from 14/15 season, so next season kits will be the last from Nike for Arsenal.

The Chelsea 2013/2014 Home Kit will feature the colors blue/white, which show the tradition of the London club. The Chelsea 2013/14 Third shirt will be black/silver, featuring a matty-shiny print effect creating a technological look.

The home kit again features gold details on a mainly red shirt, while the away & third kit designs will be discussed controversially in the next months.

Manchester City
Manchester Citys' Jersey is produced the first time by their new supplier Nike, after Umbro was sold and is no longer active in the football market. The Man City 2013/14 Home Kit comes in a classical design.

Manchester United
The ManU Home kit is a classical, Umbro remarking red shirt, while the away shirt comes in Black/Blue/White.

Serie A
AC Milan
The AC Milan Third shirt is dark-gold/black and features some Italian flag details as well as iconic pocket like referees have. The Home Shirt is red/black/gold and the away kit is white with some strange details.

The home comes with traditional black/white stripes and a v-collar, while the away will be yellow with blue shorts and yellow socks.

The 2013/2014 Inter Home Shirt features narrower stripes with a darker shade of blue compared to the current one, while the Inter 2013/14 Away Kit is held in white.


Borussia Dortmund
The BVB 2013/2014 Home Jersey will feature the colors Yellow/Black again, while the BVB 13/14 Away Kit is supposed to be black with yellow elements again.

Hamburger SV
Hamburger SV 13/14 Home Kit comes in White/Blue and may not feature the color red (Adidas logo, numbers and fonts will be blue, maybe some red applications). The Hamburger SV 13/14 Home Short will be Red/White (called Toro/White) while the socks are blue. The Hamburg 2013/2014 Away Shirt (Auswärtstrikot) will feature the same dark blue color as the current FC Bayern München UCL Kit, while the Adidas logo and stripes for the HSV 13/14 Away Kit will be in a light blue.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen 13/14 Home Shirt (Heimtrikot) features after the red Home Shirt last season again the main color black with white adidas stripes and logo. The 12/13 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Home Kit will be used as Bayer Leverkusen 13/14 Away Shirt (Auswärtstrikot).

FC Bayern München
FC Bayern München 2013/2014 kits by adidas Which comes in a classical red/white (FC Bayern 13/14 Home Kit colors are called fcb true red/white) for the home home shirt and a blue/red (called satelitte/poppy) 3rd kit featuring Champions League details. 
The FC Bayern 13/14 Away socks will be White/Dark Green. FC Bayern Munich Goalkeeper Kit will feature the main color light turquoise with the same dark blue as the Hamburger SV Away Kit (vivid teal s13/ punjab).The Bayern 13/14 Away Jersey is inspired by the Oktoberfest and comes in white/brown (mustang brown/white) with brown shorts and golden short applications (colors are called mustang brown/dark sand). 
The Bayern Goalkeeper Away Kit comes in the same colors as the Bayern München 13/14 Home Shirt (Heimtrikot). Picture is showing the FC Bayern 13/14 Training Kit. 

1.FC Nürnberg
Nürnberg 13/14 Home Kit features the main color red called Cardinal, while the Nürnberg 13/14 Away Shirt will keep the same.

FC Schalke 04
FC Schalke 04 13/14 Home Kit (Heimtrikot) will keep the same as the 12/13 Shirt produced from adidas. The Schalke 2013/14 Away Jersey will feature the main color white with navy stripes and adidas logo. Interesting is the Schalke 04 2013/2014 3rd Kit which features the main color dark mint green with black stripes.

VfL Wolfsburg 
VfL Wolsburg 13/14 Home Kit will have the main color white with a intense green color as second color. The Wolfsburg 2013/2014 Away Kit comes in intense green with blach stripes.

Other Teams

National Teams
2013 Confed Cup Kits
Brazil 2013 Confedarations Cup Home Kit comes in yellow with a big green collar. The new 2013 Brazil Confed Cup Away Jersey is Blue with some White applications. A Total Black Nike Brazil 3rd Kit will be unveiled and is a contrast to the Yellow Home and Blue Away Kit.

Leaked Uruguay 2013 Confed Cup Home Kitcomes in classical Uruguay color including a retro collar for the new Uruguay 2013 Home Kit.

Italy 2013 Home Kit features a very big collar and the new Puma Italy Confed Cup Kit features green and white applications on both sleeves.

Spain 2013 Confederations Cup Home Kit features a big V collar and the colors of the new 2013 Spain Camiseta are Red/Yellow.

Other National Teams
Nike England 2013 Home Kit comes in White/Blue while the new England 13/14 Away Kit is red. It's the first time Nike kit supplier of England.

2013 France Away Kit features the main color blue with France flag related details on the sleeves. The France 2013 Jersey was presented in February 2013.

The new 2013 Nike Netherlands Away Kit features the main color white and the same template as the Holland 12/13 Home Kit. The 2013 Netherland Kit features also the colors blue and red.

Portugal 2013/2014 Away Kit comes in Black.

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