Saturday, June 13, 2015

American national team 2015 season Away Jersey

American women’s national team for the first time in a New Jersey to March 4th to 11 held in Portugal’s Algarve cup, gradient color design New Jersey has a bold fashion, and the combination of the United nation strong sense of pride, the shirt badge on two white five pointed star is particularly eye-catching, they represent American women’s football team in the 1991 and 1999 two World Cup final win.
“The new kit aims to show America great national pride, and its unique fashion taste, but also reflects the American optimism” eternal Nike football global creative director Martin Lodi said. 

American men’s national team will also be wearing a new shirt in March 25th with the Swiss team friendlies.
New Jersey has a distinctive style of contemporary, Jersey’s entire front and back filled with gradient graph constructed continuous dynamic. Start with the shoulder of the white, a series of light fuse gradually strengthen, until the end of the deep blue skirt. Jersey on both sides of a broad white band, has been extended to the natural contours of shorts, players move in the movement of the stripe is more prominent players of the body, and to strengthen the sense of speed.
V collar and gradual graphics com. Jersey concise fashion, and insert a red triangle, to ensure that the three colors represent the United Nation has added to the shirt design.
Shirt collar inside the triangular flag is red and white 13 stripes, 13 representatives of the state at the beginning of the USA independent. 

The shirt back with a specially designed the name and number of fonts, this modern and angular fonts are directly affected by the America other teams, jersey numbers below behind is also a small America national team insignia.

 The new away shorts is deep blue , white stripes wide side. America women players will wear new gradient color socks, to comply with the design of their jerseys; men’s soccer players is the traditional dark blue socks.

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