Saturday, June 13, 2015

GoGoalShop Jersey Review from happy customers

Here are some pictures taken by our gogoalshop customers

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I don't know about you guys, but when I go online to shop for jerseys, there are like about 1000 different sites to chose from. I had no clue which ones are actually safe and secure, and that deliver a very good product at an amazing price.

One of my friends from school told me about, and that he had gotten many jerseys from there before. Since i know he actually got the jerseys (and he said he liked them very much) i decided to go ahead and try them out. So, I ordered a Borussia Dortmund Jersey of Marco Reus. First of all, the prices are INCREDIBLE!! Most Jerseys are 27.88$ (USD) and include free shipping anywhere. Personally, I am from Canada, and even with the jersey comming from China it was extremely fast (Maybe 2 weeks max, considering its on the other side of the globe haha ). At first i had doubts about the quality of the jersey since they were so cheap, but when i got it in the mail I soon realized that this was a steal of a deal. The Jerseys are very well made. Aka. the stitching dosent come undone, the patches dont start to peel off (same for the name and numbers) and nothing wears out after multiple washes. If i woulda known about this site before it woulda taken me much less time and effort scouring around the interwebs to try and find a decent deal for a decent jersey. Now ive got a source of great quality jerseys for cheap; honestly can't go wrong. They also have other stuff such as shoes, team jackets, gear etc. so check it out!!

If you don't believe me, check out my review I made on youtube so you can see the product for yourself: just give  a try and trust me you won't regret it at all. If ever you have any questions or inquiries about your order, the guy in charge of the store anwsers your questions directly through facebook: by far the best customer service ive seen online.

This is the guy here I was so pleased, I ordered Custom PSG Jerseys for my whole soccer team this summer and I just received them, will most probably be doing a review very soon.

Just made this post to save some football enthusiasts a lot of time as mentioned before, because looking every on the internet was a bloody pain in the ass and half the sites look really shady, so voila give a shot if your in the market for some team hardware!

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