Thursday, March 12, 2020

Los Angeles Galaxy wears special badge to show tribute to Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's unfortunate death is a loss to the whole world. In Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant has a supreme position in people's hearts. Last weekend, the cheap Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Jerseys , which ushered in its first home game of the season, wore a special edition badge on the jersey in honor of the Los Angeles Lakers legendary star.
Last weekend, the Los Angeles Galaxy, home of the town, lost 0-1 to Vancouver's White Wave. In addition to the unsatisfactory results, Los Angeles Galaxy's tribute to Kobe Bryant in this game is commendable. In addition to adding a commemorative badge with the word "KB" on the chest of the jersey, the team captain also added this badge to commemorate the unfortunate death of the legendary basketball star.

This badge is presented in the colors and font of the Los Angeles Lakers, and is placed above the adidas logo on the right chest of the jersey. After the game, players will be wearing charity auctions, and the proceeds will be donated to the MambaOnThree Foundation, which is designed to commemorate and help with Kobe and his team in the January 26 air crash The relatives of the other 7 victims whose daughter died at the same time.

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