Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Stay Strong China ! Paris Saint-Germain changes jersey ads to support China's fight against epidemic

In a Ligue 1 league ending this morning in Beijing time, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Bordeaux 4-3 at home.In this game, the shirts worn by Paris Saint-Germain players were printed with the words "Stay Strong China" in both Chinese and English to show their support for the Chinese people who are fighting the epidemic.Gogoalshop

This is the third time that the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club has replaced the Cheap psg soccer jersey chest advertisement with a blessing text following the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and the fire in Notre Dame in 2019. In addition to the jersey chest advertisement, the Paris Saint-Germain at home is also surrounded by the elements of "Chinese cheering". The caddies at the scene are wearing T-shirts with the words "Chinese cheering". There is a huge slogan with the words "China Come", and the LED billboards on the sidelines also play the advertisement of "China Come" on the side of the game before and during the opening game. Through various measures, the club supports the Chinese people. According to the information revealed by the official website of Paris Saint-Germain, in addition to the men ’s football, the Paris Saint-Germain women ’s football team and the handball team will also cheer on China in the same way in subsequent games.

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