Saturday, February 29, 2020

Daegu FC releases 2020/21 home and away jerseys

South Korea's Daegu Football Club (hereafter referred to as Daegu FC) released the team's new home and away jersey for the 2020 season. The new season jersey created by Korean local sports brand FORWARD expresses the team's desire to set new heights in the new season.

Daegu FC Cheap soccer Jerseys for home and away jerseys are built around the concept of “Always, Career High” and draw inspiration from the sky and lightning of Daegu to show the team ’s dynamic and passionate playing style on the field. The home and away jerseys are presented in the traditional sky blue and white images. The ribbed V-neckline joins the club's new season slogan "SIZE DOESN'T MATTER". The left and right cuffs respectively add the club's home address number "191" and last season's 9 The Roman numeral "IX" of the sold-out home game, with the loud slogans of "We Are Daegu" (our name is Daegu) and "Our City, Our Team" (our city, our team), Demonstrate the close connection between Daegu FC and Daegu.

Along with the new season home and away jerseys, the new season home and away goalkeeper jerseys are also released. The home and away goalkeeper jerseys are mainly black and fluorescent yellow. They are designed with elegant small collars and retain the same cuffs as the home and away kits detail.

The 2020 season Daegu FC home and away jersey is made of FORCOOL technology fabric with better breathability and perspiration, and also incorporates the new FORWARD LINK technology. The tracking chip is provided in the dark bag set at the back collar to provide players with data during the game. There is no need to wear additional sports data vest. The new FORWARD LINK technology has been verified by FIFA and can be used in official competitions.

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