Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kashima Antlers 2019 Home Soccer Jersey Player Version

Like the Chinese Super League, the Japanese J-League has no summer break, and it is now in full swing. Today I will introduce to the EZers the Kashima Antlers Soccer Jerseys 'home jersey player version, which is known as the "Winners' Trophy". Look at the player jersey of the Nike sponsored team next to the top league.

Kashima Antlers cheap football jersey continues the tradition of the club's crimson and navy blue, while also maintaining the design inspiration of the 2018 home jersey. The horizontal stripes from the "Golden Age" jersey of the club's 2008-2010 season are still new The most eye-catching design, but now the irregular horizontal stripes are more eye-catching, emphasizing the team's sense of speed when switching between offense and defense in the game.

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