Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Kawasaki Frontale 2020 Home&Away Cheap Soccer Jerseys Discount football shirts

PUMA and Japan's Kawasaki Frontale soccer jersey football club announced the team's new home and away jersey for the 2020 season. The new jersey is built around the concept of "KAWASAKI IS OURS". By adding a pattern full of regional culture to the jersey, it expresses the team's beautiful expectations of returning to the peak in the new season.

The new home jersey continues the classic sky blue look of the Kawasaki Frontale and adds black details. The black and sky blue dark lines on the new jersey are inspired by the temple and shrine coat of arms of the team's Kawasaki city, expressing the club's beautiful wish for victory in the new season. In addition, the image of "Kawasaki wins Dharma" (Kawasaki wins だ る ま) placed in the team ’s home stadium and other power stadiums has been added to the jersey, showing that the team "wins the city" in the game aims.

The black sleeves and black stripes running through the back of the shoulders make this new jersey look more powerful. Laser vents are added to the collar and collar of the jersey to improve the heat dissipation and ventilation performance of the jersey, so that players can take it out during the game. Best competitive performance.
The Kawasaki Frontale cheap soccer jersey uses the same template and design details as the home jersey. The white-based away jersey also includes patterns from the temple and shrine coat of arms, and also joins the "Kawasaki Winning Dharma" for prayer Image. The away jersey has grey shoulders and sleeves to add a sense of leisure to this new jersey.

At the same time as the home and away jerseys of the 2020 season, there is also a new home goalkeeper jersey. The goalkeeper jersey uses the same template and design details as the home and away player jerseys, and the color match adopts the traditional green appearance. Black stripes.

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