Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Coruna replaces home jersey style

Deeply caught in the relegation pit, A Coruña defeated Santander 2-1 at home in a League B game that ended two days ago, bringing the team closer to the goal of breaking the relegation circle. It is worth noting that in this game La Coruna changed the style of this season's home jersey and changed the horizontal stripes to vertical stripes.

La Coruña, who was still in the promotion round to compete for La Liga qualification last season, has been in a slump this season. The league once lost 19 rounds and has been at the bottom of the Group B points for a long time. Many La Coruna shirts blamed the team's sluggish performance on this season's home jersey designed for the team. This new jersey does not use the team's traditional vertical stripes design, but innovatively uses horizontal stripes. After months of voicing and controversy among fans, La Coruña soccer jersey applied to the League of Legends to change the home jersey style and was approved a few days ago.

After getting approval to change the jersey style to a vertical stripe jersey to appear on the court, I do n’t know if it was a “coincidence” or a real “transshipment”. One point difference.

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