Sunday, January 26, 2020

Liverpool 2019/20 season home cheap soccer jersey

Although it is one point away from the Premier League runner-up, the performance of the "Red Army" Liverpool this season is obvious and worthy of respect. The whole season has only lost one game, the fewest goals conceded, and the two defenders who have the best scorers and the most assists in the Premier League ... Although losing the league title is regrettable, they still have the Champions League title to win. Welcome to the first Premier League trophy! Today's new product appreciation, let's take a look at New Balance Liverpool's home fans' jersey for the 2019/20 season.

The most striking design element of cheap Liverpool soccer jersey's new season home jersey is the vertical white fine lines, which are derived from the details of the home jersey in the early 1980s, in order to pay tribute to the legendary Liverpool coach Bob Paisley. Under the leadership, the "Red Army" won numerous championship trophies at home and abroad. The 1982/83 season was the last season in which Bob Paisley took control of the "Red Army Pointer". Liverpool won the League and the League Cup trophies to achieve the "double crown" great cause. Liverpool won the Champions League in the 83/84 season and is wearing the same shirt!

Although it is the last season with Liverpool, New Balance sent a very sincere new jersey for the "Red Army". The new jersey is very good in color application, pattern design and detail processing. The upper body effect is very good, and daily wear is not bad. In terms of jersey fabrics, NB, as always, has sincerity, the upper body of the fan version of the fabric is very comfortable, not to mention the player version that is again on sale this time.Liverpool soccer jersey Cheap

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